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Simple Formula 2 Loose Weight; Is Simple Hard or a Mindset?

Weight Loss Formula

It takes no rocket scientist to expose the simple formula to loose weight, right? Okay, here’s the formula in a nutshell:

Eat Less + Exercise More = Weight Loss

Not as simple as it sounds, here’s the kicker, when you are eating less…Are you eating the right foods?  You know the foods that add great nutritional and health value to your body. Or are you choosing the foods that are clogging up every available artery?  Are you eating foods that are weighing havoc on your struggling cells due to accumulating toxic levels? Or the foods that will eventually send you into the arms of the nearest doctor or down on your knees praying for mercy. Are you eating the foods that convert bodies into walking time bombs waiting to explode when least expected. Need I stress more….No, Bev stop already!  So not cool…Yeah, right…Maybe it’s not cool…but if you think about it, it happens, sometimes….even to the ones you never thought possible.  -Sad but true-

(Now the secret’s out, I have actual small conversations with myself…LoL.  I think in a sense we all do because there’s always this little mental tug of war going on inside…Take for instance, whether you should dive into that big piece of chocolate cake or not…LoL)

Okay, let’s get back to this so called “formula”… I’m not trying to be a critic but the word “Exercise” sounds like a chore or really hard work…it even sounds hard, right….LoL.  Seriously, now let’s do a bit of mind conditioning toward this given equation.

First…who can define “un-conditional positive thinking”?…Well if I had to try my luck at defining this one; I’d have to say it means thinking only good, up-lifting, happy and rewarding thoughts regardless of the obstacle or unfavorable occurrence. It’s deriving a valuable lesson or outcome out of every unfavorable situation. It’s not seeing things from a “negative” eye but viewing any given situation in an uplifting and positive light. Also, unconditional positive thinking may even yield positive affirmations, that tends to strengthen the entire mental process of thinking. This is too friggin cool and I’m already feeling this (unconditional positive thinking stuff)  and loving the feeling!  A new mindset is really beginning to woo me…I’m falling deep in love with this new mind-set thingy.

You know, it’s said that the mind is a powerful tool! It can be a powerful weapon that works for you or either against you. Since, we’re conditioning the mind, it this case it is doing nothing but working for us! Yes, it’s working for the good of you and me.  I will use my mind to bind off things that are not good for me by developing and practicing pre-meditating thinking and affirmations.  I have made up my mind that I’m ready to change and get rid of all of the rubbish and stinking thinking toward eating foods that are not healthy for my body.

I will write down a series of nothing but positive and inspiring affirmations concerning healthy foods, exercise and great thinking. Not only will I write them but I will neatly post them in places, such as my bedroom mirror, the bathroom mirror, on my fridge, place one on the dinning table, even on the front and back door if need be.  I will carry affirmation cards in my purse as helpful reminders. I will look at a food affirmation card before each meal to remind and affirm my mentality until I am in control and it comes natural for me. I get the big picture and can see myself being successful, although I’m challenging daily baby steps…one step at a time….but …baby, honey child…yes…”I Am MoViNg.

I will not wear, too loose fitting garments when I eat, for I’d much rather wear more fitting clothing so I’m able to better feel the tightness and sensibly take it as a warning sign of over-eating.  Better yet before, each meal if I have to, I will hydrate or drink a couple glasses of water before my meals as to prevent over-eating….I know I need my total, 6-8 glasses of water daily…So what better way to hydrate a bit, while preventing the temptation to over eat. This may not be professionally advisable but it’s worked many times for me.

I will mentally remind myself before each meal, that I’m in control. I will make the right food choices of trading sweets for a small fruit or fried for baked instead, etc.  I will serve my  meal in a smaller than norm size plated (instead of huge/smaller) one. I will learned to prepare portion sizes and store the food I shouldn’t eat completely out of sight. After meals, when I get hungry, I will simply sip on my water or sugarless green mint tea and get busy doing something I love so I’m more able to re-direct my vain desires. There are tons of “conditioning”   tips to add in order to develop a desirable and powerful mindset.

Secondly, as far as exercise goes; I will not see it as a chore. Instead, I will think of ways to make exercising a happy and fun time.  I will consider biking and swimming since these are some things I don’t really do but could be extremely fun! I will take nature walks to reflect and clear my mind- to simply look at the beauty of nature and the squirrels and awesome birds, they are so smart. Take a love walk, with a significant other, mom, dad, sibbling or best friend (s) or take a SeLfiE Walk…Best “Love Walk” ever, the one you take alone, try it sometime.  Even a break dance to that fave beat, maybe “cut” a few steps….just kidding. If I break dance, I’m certain I might break more than the dance, more like my back…but guess it would be fun exercise,lol. Hip Hop dance, jazzercise, dance to the classical music, twirl around several times and “fake” jump in the air like a ballerina (let your imagination take you away)…or praise dance to heaven. Play a game of basket ball,  it works up a good fun challenging sweat and it’s okay, to shoot practice hoops.  Grab a partner, play throw the ball/catch the ball…first one misses it 10 times looses the game, it matters not who wins just have a blast…Get a couple of kids who are bored and would love quality time or attention and chase them around the yard.  Even if you’re chasing in slow motion…at-least you’re on the move an having fun.  Have a tag race and remember running cute/prixy or in slow motion is always allowed as long as you’re moving those hips and legs. The only catch is you’re have to have fun long enough to feel somewhat, exhausted to a point. Well, these are only a few ways to make exercise fun! Whoever says exercise is not fun…LoL. Got more ideas, then share so I can give a try 🙂

Are you beginning to brain storm ways to condition and train your mind for success. Practice anything for 28-30 to change old ways to convert to the new,  this process will usually form a habit.  Really, who wouldn’t want good and healthy habits for life. Well,  it’s easy to see how the simple formula through a positive mind set can be a solution to health, fun and Success. Time to get this journey started with a bang…Boom!

Note: Another thing, allow me to warn you that my writing is so NoT formal, you’re possible to find anything, sometimes my ‘train of thoughts” runs off and you’ll have to catch…a host of lurking typos, sub/verb disagreement, tons of dots and even more. So, I’m sure this will irk the mess out of a English professor or English/Grammar critic….eat your heart out….LoL. Honestly, sorry but I’ve got to “do me” and enjoy this….so please just struggle to understand and “feel” my thoughts… if you can do that…then…thanks, sending you nothing but love, hugs n kissses…So now catch!


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What About Those…Why’s

Question Mark Pic WHY Pic

Remember, on the last blog I mentioned how important it is to develop or know your why’s?  Mind if I share my why with you and how I was inspired to actually for once get and stay serious about this journey. It’s not just a journey to loose weight but one to live a healthy lifestyle. Okay, now getting to my why’s….Allow me to track back the date August 3, I suffered heart complications and think I got admitted to the hospital on the 4th, what an experience. Long story short, upon discharged I was sent home to not only manage my heart situation but to manage my cholesterol that was out of whack and a full blown diabetes status as the doctor put it.  Wow, I thought, seriously and how did I allow myself to get this close to checking out. I do thank God for saving my dear life and allowing me a chance to get my health together. I am grateful that I’ve learned the biggest lesson ever on “Appreciation” and not taking things for granted, like my health for instance and being around to enjoy my family and friends.

So, my why’s flooded to mind non-stop. I knew I needed to loose weight to decrease my blood pressure, and in turn it would also help my cholesterol level and diabetes situation as well. I knew I had to eat right, trade the bad food choices for the healthier food choices.  Also, I had to consider a diet that would cater to my 3 diagnosis (cardiac,cholesterol and diabetic), only thing I wondered was, what choices of food did I really have?  Whatever, I knew the reason I had to stick to a healthy life-style diet and start a journey that was not only healthy but one that could help me to be around a hundred of years more..LoL.

So, my why is big as a mountain and wide as the sea, as a result I’m so stuck on serious. In the hospital, I checked in weighing 210 lbs or possibly a couple pounds more. After discharge from the hospital, I was down to 195 lbs and a couple weeks after down to 190 lbs. So, as I blog this entry (11/04/14), I am presently at 183.5 and it’s at a stand still again. Usually when I get the “stand still” periods, I am usually not exercising as I should be…naughty me.

Ok, already, as I think about it, I walked a 1 mile walk on the trail this morning but I’ll just have to move a bit more.  Because I’ve been walking 1 mile walks since the hospital visit on and off. You’d think I’d challenge the 2 mile walk by now. I often tell myself, that’s okay as long as I’m getting a 1 mile walk in, I should be fine. I am at-least moving and I can’t be too hard on myself. I must love and be kind to myself, in-spite of slow progression. You see, when you are your own coach, you get to control the temperament…lol.  But when will I learn that dieting and exercise go together like a hamburger and a bun…got to keep up the right pace.  That’s okay, tomorrow’s a new day and I will try to do better by focusing on a great cardio work out and maybe pop on a Denise Austin “Walk Away The Pounds” 2 mile walk…which seems like work compared to a nice 1 mile, swift walk on the trail. Enough said for now…later…

And remember if you ever get off track on your journey to always incorporate your why’s. Remembering your why’s will help you to stay focused, persistent, and determined to succeed!


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Loosing Weight…It All Starts With The Mind-Set


Loosing Weight Starts With The Mind-Set

Hi, simply call me Bev. first I’d like to send a big shout out to anyone who is even “thinking” about dropping a few pounds. I commend you for your thoughts.  As loosing weight generally starts with a made up mind, that you are sick and tired of generally being sick and tired of being over weight.  Well, there is help as you know and that help will start with your new and improved mind set.  So if you have decided you are ready for the challenge and all it entails due to the reasons you must loose, then absolutely great.

So, you are going to want to think of all the reasons you should and need to loose this weight; But don’t stop there, you are going to need to right those reasons down. Yes, may I repeat that statement…Write your reasons down and I will explain why. The reason being is for you to make yourself more accountable for staying on track or being persistent, once you start your weight loss journey.  And I call it a journey, because it really is one mentally as well as physically but it’s fair to have others to travel the journey with you if you like.  Often, times you may find it to be a journey that you travel all by your lonesome but will meet many passer-byers who are stationed it seems only to lift you and support you on the toughest roads.

Don’t worry about the u-turns or getting lost along the way because with much persistence, will power, and passion to travel this journey due to the conditioning of your mind, you will be a victor! You will defeat and win this battle. Position and condition your mind to accept winning as the only option; So no matter how many times you fail, you will try again and chop those failures off as learning lessons, toward how you can avoid the same mistakes and do it better the next time.

I certainly, don’t mean to bore you out on the first daw-gone post…LoL. But, there should be comfort in knowing that there are many travelers on this journey and you can find me at the very front of this line…getting ready for my own journey and conditioning my mind as I attempt to encourage others. I gather strength and momentum in continuing to coach myself as I am my own biggest coach, really. So, I hope I’ll find many friends along this journey and share what’s working for me…or what I’m doing to make this work.

Later and think….two words…”Journey Success!

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