What About Those…Why’s

04 Nov

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Remember, on the last blog I mentioned how important it is to develop or know your why’s?  Mind if I share my why with you and how I was inspired to actually for once get and stay serious about this journey. It’s not just a journey to loose weight but one to live a healthy lifestyle. Okay, now getting to my why’s….Allow me to track back the date August 3, I suffered heart complications and think I got admitted to the hospital on the 4th, what an experience. Long story short, upon discharged I was sent home to not only manage my heart situation but to manage my cholesterol that was out of whack and a full blown diabetes status as the doctor put it.  Wow, I thought, seriously and how did I allow myself to get this close to checking out. I do thank God for saving my dear life and allowing me a chance to get my health together. I am grateful that I’ve learned the biggest lesson ever on “Appreciation” and not taking things for granted, like my health for instance and being around to enjoy my family and friends.

So, my why’s flooded to mind non-stop. I knew I needed to loose weight to decrease my blood pressure, and in turn it would also help my cholesterol level and diabetes situation as well. I knew I had to eat right, trade the bad food choices for the healthier food choices.  Also, I had to consider a diet that would cater to my 3 diagnosis (cardiac,cholesterol and diabetic), only thing I wondered was, what choices of food did I really have?  Whatever, I knew the reason I had to stick to a healthy life-style diet and start a journey that was not only healthy but one that could help me to be around a hundred of years more..LoL.

So, my why is big as a mountain and wide as the sea, as a result I’m so stuck on serious. In the hospital, I checked in weighing 210 lbs or possibly a couple pounds more. After discharge from the hospital, I was down to 195 lbs and a couple weeks after down to 190 lbs. So, as I blog this entry (11/04/14), I am presently at 183.5 and it’s at a stand still again. Usually when I get the “stand still” periods, I am usually not exercising as I should be…naughty me.

Ok, already, as I think about it, I walked a 1 mile walk on the trail this morning but I’ll just have to move a bit more.  Because I’ve been walking 1 mile walks since the hospital visit on and off. You’d think I’d challenge the 2 mile walk by now. I often tell myself, that’s okay as long as I’m getting a 1 mile walk in, I should be fine. I am at-least moving and I can’t be too hard on myself. I must love and be kind to myself, in-spite of slow progression. You see, when you are your own coach, you get to control the temperament…lol.  But when will I learn that dieting and exercise go together like a hamburger and a bun…got to keep up the right pace.  That’s okay, tomorrow’s a new day and I will try to do better by focusing on a great cardio work out and maybe pop on a Denise Austin “Walk Away The Pounds” 2 mile walk…which seems like work compared to a nice 1 mile, swift walk on the trail. Enough said for now…later…

And remember if you ever get off track on your journey to always incorporate your why’s. Remembering your why’s will help you to stay focused, persistent, and determined to succeed!


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