Loosing Weight…It All Starts With The Mind-Set

03 Nov


Loosing Weight Starts With The Mind-Set

Hi, simply call me Bev. first I’d like to send a big shout out to anyone who is even “thinking” about dropping a few pounds. I commend you for your thoughts.  As loosing weight generally starts with a made up mind, that you are sick and tired of generally being sick and tired of being over weight.  Well, there is help as you know and that help will start with your new and improved mind set.  So if you have decided you are ready for the challenge and all it entails due to the reasons you must loose, then absolutely great.

So, you are going to want to think of all the reasons you should and need to loose this weight; But don’t stop there, you are going to need to right those reasons down. Yes, may I repeat that statement…Write your reasons down and I will explain why. The reason being is for you to make yourself more accountable for staying on track or being persistent, once you start your weight loss journey.  And I call it a journey, because it really is one mentally as well as physically but it’s fair to have others to travel the journey with you if you like.  Often, times you may find it to be a journey that you travel all by your lonesome but will meet many passer-byers who are stationed it seems only to lift you and support you on the toughest roads.

Don’t worry about the u-turns or getting lost along the way because with much persistence, will power, and passion to travel this journey due to the conditioning of your mind, you will be a victor! You will defeat and win this battle. Position and condition your mind to accept winning as the only option; So no matter how many times you fail, you will try again and chop those failures off as learning lessons, toward how you can avoid the same mistakes and do it better the next time.

I certainly, don’t mean to bore you out on the first daw-gone post…LoL. But, there should be comfort in knowing that there are many travelers on this journey and you can find me at the very front of this line…getting ready for my own journey and conditioning my mind as I attempt to encourage others. I gather strength and momentum in continuing to coach myself as I am my own biggest coach, really. So, I hope I’ll find many friends along this journey and share what’s working for me…or what I’m doing to make this work.

Later and think….two words…”Journey Success!

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